My Family

When I was a child, both of my Grandmothers were the glue that held each of my families together. This was most evident in their great desire to keep everyone well fed and happy! Our lives were centered around these kitchens. It’s where we all spent the most time with each other, had coffee and conversation, bonded, cooked, served, cleaned… These kitchens were the focal point of my childhood. It was more than food and drink; it was a deep expression of love.

Each of my Grandmothers had very distinct styles of cooking. One was true Cajun and German, from Raceland, Louisiana. The other was French and Italian from New Orleans. They could not be more opposite in their styles; however, each taught me things that have become a part of my own every day cooking. I hold an amalgam of them in my heart, and it is expressed through my own food and my own love.

I am here to share this with you. It is my great desire to create and spread a world of love through feast, while understanding our daily need for fuel. It is helping to balance these two very important aspects of life: Feast and Fuel. We need them both for joy and survival. It is our life’s work whether we want it to be or not! Why not fulfill these needs with healthful, local, ethical sources? Charity begins at home.